Viral: New and Transitional Works by Lori Edwards

Life's a Parade - Viral Exhibition

Viral: New and Transitional Works by Lori Edwards

A place to call home

I entered K Space Art Studios last October  looking for a place to work on my art.  I walk down a back alley and up 3 flights of stairs. There in an old storage space converted into a vibrant space for a group of local artists and my art home. Located within K Space Studios is Schaudie’s Gallery, open to the public during the monthly ArtWalk occurring on the first Friday each month.

An installation starts to bloom

I pause to look up to the tin ceiling that split open back exposing the underlying beams as I enter the space. In my mind artwork cascades from the sky, through the hole, I pause for a moment imagining the installation. As I make my way to my studio to create colorful canvases, this idea stays with me.

Viral : ceiling view
Viral: a solo exhibition by Lori Edwards the summer of 2016 at Schaudies Gallery located in Corpus Christi, TX

A chance conversation leads to an opportunity for a solo exhibition during the month of June. I knew I wanted to merge my silkscreen panels from an earlier show, Facade with new work. I created long panels by flowing acrylic paint onto yards of paper.As I worked on the panels the following description kept bubbling up to the surface:

“waves crash to the shore much like viral images spiral down from the satellites in swirls of color only to be sucked back up into the void of space”
— Lori Edwards

Art transforms a space

Yards and yards of painted  intricately cut paper hang from the ceiling waiting to transform the space. What draws me in as I place the paper are the negative spaces and the shadows created. Artificial lights create shadows that are sharp and distinct creating an unchanging environment. The time I spend with the piece is with the lights off and the natural light creating ever changing shadows on the wall. The entire piece seems to breathe and exist as an organic being, inviting the viewer to  further explore the space.

What started as an idea becomes an explosion of cut paper and shadows. The artwork draws the viewer into the room to explore further. All too soon the installation has to come down and that destruction is a post for another day.


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