Contemporary Art Month 2017 : Julian Gold

©Lori Edwards , “Fade Out” 2017 mixed media installation , Julian Gold, Corpus Christi TX

Contemporary Art Month

Contemporary Art Month is celebrated in March and in Corpus Christi, Texas local businesses are matched with local artist through K Space Contemporary to create pop-up galleries. Last year I was paired with a local beauty salon and my work looked beautiful gracing their walls. This year I had a store in my heart, that store was Julian Gold on Alameda. So when the call for artist went out , I was ready and requested Julian Gold. I found out in February that I got my wish and set out to design the space.

Ideas become art

For me (and like other site specific installation artist) the idea and energy comes from the space I am transforming. Typically I will work in the studio creating components to incorporate into the piece for a few weeks. I always create more of the individual components than I will ever need and then I create artwork at the same time. ( honestly the panels take a while to dry- I get restless so I continue to paint just on canvas or paper)

I have the measurements for the space and a small sketch in hand noting which long panels I will use and any major structures to include (chicken wire or frames). I make note of how the piece will attach to the space and where the weight will be supported.

Then the fun begins!

Typically I lay all my paper and smaller pieces out into the space and just begin.
I also knew that Julian Gold is a retail establishment and I needed to have the pieces pre-constructed going in to the build. So I staged the installation in the gallery at K Space Art Studios. ( have I mentioned I love my studio space- we have a great little gallery space and luckily it was between exhibits this week)

The Install

Once I am satisfied with the approximate layout everything is loaded into my car to take with me the day of the install along with my tools. Because I am installing in two places for Contemporary Art Month everything is loaded in my car for transportation and final prep.

Ready to see the final piece?

I hope you enjoyed following along with my process. Look for more of these posts as I go along and go visit the art in person along with all the other great art around town. Details can be found over at Contemporary Art Month Corpus Christi. I will be at Julian Gold for an artist reception on March 9th from 4-6 pm.

There are more behind the scenes photos and videos over on  Instagram. Head over there to see what you have been missing and follow me to stay up to date.

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