Inspiration and Me


Inspiration strikes at any moment. Doodles hurriedly scribbled on a napkin,  the corner of the envelope or the edge of a planner.

Forgotten until I unearth them, small treasures at the bottom of bags.

Doodles pile up and ideas percolate  until I have no choice but to escape into the studio . Into that world, that beckons to me, with color and texture. Seducing me with thoughts of new possibilities and spaces to transform.

I spend hours with these doodles. Creating smaller nebulas on canvases to capture the moment I want to remember.

Thinking of artists who have gone before me, grabbing bits and pieces of time for themselves.

Other mothers who take small scraps and transform those pieces into something glorious to bring color into an otherwise drab world, to bring comfort to another person, to make a difference in a space.

Gathering the doodles around me, adding found objects I build other worlds for viewers to journey through.

Open the door

Take this journey along with me.

Visit  the spaces I have transformed and documented on the blog.

Follow along on social media as ideas are processed and new spaces are transformed.